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Nationwide Automated Systems: Should Your Business Have An ATM Available?

Nationwide Automated Systems provides complete turnkey, revenue-sharing automated teller machine (ATM) placement programs to most qualified businesses with a strategic emphasis in the hospitality industry. To help management seeking additional revenue streams, Nationwide can help.

Nationwide Automated Systems provides the following tips. The first two major questions you should ask when considering an ATM are:
1. Have customers or visitors been asking for an ATM?
2. Are at least 150 people or more visiting your location every day?
If the answer is a simple yes to the above two questions, an ATM is highly likely to put more cash in your customers’ hands, generate additional sales, and increase revenue for your organization.

Estimate how many customers or visitors will walk by your ATM daily. For example, let’s estimate 400 people. An average of two to five percent of viewers will use the ATM, depending on the environment. With a potential estimate of three percent, that adds up to 360 transactions per month. That alone, with the average cash dispensed being $80, will generate approximately $28,800 cash being dispensed from your ATM. Additionally, approximately 27 percent of the monthly total, or $8,000, will be spent by customers at your business. This percentage could be much higher depending on the type of business you have. Finally, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of obnoxious credit and debit card fees, while also providing an excellent, safe customer amenity and thereby building their loyalty.

The bottom line: an ATM will generate you added monthly income while putting more cash in your customers’ hands, saving you on costly processing fees.