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Nationwide Automated Systems on How to Choose a PIN

As an increasing number of financial transactions are completed electronically, security has never been more important. Selecting a strong personal identification number (PIN) is one of the most useful tools in protecting identity as well as personal finances.

The key to choosing a PIN is finding a number easy for you to recall but difficult for a stranger to guess. The number should not use meaningful dates such as birthdays or anniversaries, nor should it include any digits from a Social Security number. Repeated or consecutive numbers such as 1234 are also easy for thieves or hackers to guess. One method for choosing a PIN involves choosing a significant word and converting it to numerical digits, or storing the number in a fictitious contact in a cell phone.

Experts recommend choosing a PIN that is longer than four digits whenever possible, as well as changing PINs periodically. Also, different PINs should be used for different accounts, so if one is compromised, the other accounts remain safe.

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